technicolor CD + Tee


  • Technicolor CD + Tee
  • Technicolor CD + Tee
  • Technicolor CD + Tee
technicolor CD + Tee


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Release Date: June 5th, 2020

Includes, technicolor CD and Tee.

Sound and color echo one another. As colors add vibrancy and depth to art, sounds do the same for music. When the palette widens in both cases, the vision does as well. covet magnify their musical palette on their second full-length album, technicolor . The San Francisco, CA trio—Yvette Young [guitar, vocals], David Adamiak [bass], and Forrest Rice [drums]—temper their signature instrumental ebb-and-flow with guitar pedal sorcery, feverish tremolo-picking, whammy bar dips, and a dreamy vocal lull. As such, these ten tracks canvas an entire sonic spectrum.

CD / Digital Track List
1. Good morning
2. atreyu
3. parachute
4. predawn
5. nero
6. Pirouette
7. ares
8. parrot
9. odessa
10. farewell

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